CARVED IVORY (Pletcher 1995)
Opens 9 heavily ruffled florets of the richest cream blending to a deeper cream throat. Makes a 30-32" flower head in formal placement and a bud count of 24-26. A winner of two Grand Championships on its introduction and now re-classified as a 300 size.
1.00 each

No expletives can express the success story this variety has had since its release. This very limited offer is for the discerning exhibitor. Cream in colour, 9 buds opening out of 25-26, 30" flower head.
2.00 each

DION (Saran 2006)
Excellent show variety. Light lavender rose ruffled florets that are deeper at the edge and lighter in the throat. Opens 8 out of 27 buds on a formal 26" flower head.
1.00 each

The intense colour is a dark violet blue opening 8-9 in formal placement on 28-30" flower heads. Bud count 24. Voted the best 300 at the 1998 BGS National. An absolutely stunning colour that makes consistent classy exhibition spikes.
5 for 2.30 - 10 for 3.30 - 20 for 6.20 - 50 for 14.00

Flevo Snow (J & P Snoek 2009
Glistening white florets in formal placement, opens 7 out of 26 buds on a 30 flower head. This variety is much needed in the Dutch 300s and we think it will be a show stopper.
5 for 2.60 - 10 for 3.80 - 20 for 6.90 - 50 for 16.40

HURON HEART (Peeters 2004)
Blood red in colour with white darts on the bottom three petals mid ribs. Opens 7 in formal placement slightly ruffled florets out of 22 buds on 24" flowerhead.
0.90 each

HURON SILK (Peeters 2004)
Described by the hybridiser as old fashioned but classical. Opens 8-10 creamy white florets in formal placement on 30" flower heads. Beautifully ruffled and of superb substance. Bud count 24-26. Many wins this year at top shows best 400 at Harrogate 2002 and 2003. Released by us in 2001.
1.00 each

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