ANGELINA (Fawcett 2013)
Another prim from Trevor which has already proved itself on the show bench. Long straight pikes with plenty of buds and stem length. Apricot orange colour, opens four out of 20 buds. Has had many wins as a seedling
1.00 each

ANYU S (Peeters 2002)
A large lavender rose with a cream throat. This cultivar is capable of making robust 30-32" spikes of 26-27 buds. It easily opens 8-10 and the florets are 5" with nice ruffling and good substance. Limited Stocks.
1.00 each

AUGUST DAYS (MacKenzie 1987)
A firm favourite with the show enthusiast. The pale yellow florets have deeply lipped petals and are lightly ruffled. Opens 10 in precise placement on 32-34" flower heads. Bud count 23-26. Only 100 corms on offer.
1.50 each

BABSBILL (Peeters 2011)
A light yellow with deeper throat. Very formal and self dresser opens 8-10 ruffled florets in formal placement out of 24 buds on 26 flower head. The florets are ruffled 4 - 5 inch
2.50 each

Careless(Challaglads 2008)
Proved in 2009 to be the most consistent new variety since Cream Perfection. Pink in colour with a creamy white throat, the florets are slightly ruffled and open in formal placement. Opens 8 buds out of 27-28 on a 28" flower head
5 for 2.80 - 10 for 4.00 - 20 for 7.10 - 50 for 16.60

CHERRY BERRY (Fredericks 2007)
A very attractive formal glad, rose red with a deeper red throat. Opens 7 of 22 buds on a 22" flower head. Florets are 3" in size with medium ruffling. Red cards at BGS Midland show.
1.00 each

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