PINK ELEGANCE (Konicek 1996)
Many wins to its credit since it was released. A light pink with a large white throat. A perfect tapered spike holds 10-12 beautifully ruffled florets of 25-27 buds in formal placement. Highly recommended.
2.00 each

PINNACLE (Spinkle 2000)
A magnificent light lavender self that we believe will become one of the all time great exhibition cultivars. Many wins in the USA and UK and consistently produces 33 flower head with 27-29 buds of which up to 11 will open at once in formal placement with half of the remaining buds in colour. The florets are classically ruffled and wide open. Has the ability to hold its fresh cut appearance and be shown in perfect condition. A must!
1.25 each

PLAISIR (D.Croteau 2005)
Very formal nice clean salmon colour that is accented with a red on yellow blotch. Opens 9 nicely ruffled 4 floret, 7 in colour out of 27 buds on a 27 flower head. Good show cultivar.
1.00 each

Prima Verdi (Osseleton 2008)
We have been looking for this colour for many years as a replacement for Green Star. Not only is it a better shade of green but has the bonus of a red blotch in the throat. Opens 7-8 buds in formal placement out of 24 on a 28 flower head. This will make a good dual purpose glad for exhibition and basket or floral work
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

SHARKEY (Welcenbach 1990)
Re-introduced by us a good 500s are hard to find. Good show record in the USA and we think this cultivar will be a useful addition in this size classification. A delectable light buff. Opens 9 beautifully ruffled florets in perfect placement on a 30" flower head. Excellent show variety and very healthy performer.
1.25 each

Purple with a yelloe throat, strong grower with long straight stems, opens 8 buds out of 24 to 25 Buds
1.50 each

SHOWMANS DELIGHT (Hartline 2008)
Salmon in colour with a white centre, heavy ruffled florets on a strong stem long flower head with 27 buds that holds up to 12 open
1.75 each
435 LM

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