ANGELINA (Fawcett 2013)
Another prim from Trevor which has already proved itself on the show bench. Long straight pikes with plenty of buds and stem length. Apricot orange colour, opens four out of 20 buds. Has had many wins as a seedling
1.00 each

CLARE ( Fawcett 2012)
Another prim from Trevor which has the mark of Champion Spike written all over it. Long straight pikes with plenty of buds and stem length. Pink in colour with lavender lips
90p each

CORRIE Fawcett2015 Sdl 06-08-251
Purple with a cream throat 20-21 Buds, Daily Mail Gold Vase winner 2014
1.25 each

Edie (Fawcett 2004)
We are pleased to re-release this prim after intensive selection from a very small stock; we thought this had been lost when our stocks got mixed up. It has a winning pedigree after winning at Harrogate in 2004 in its first season on the show bench. It is post office red with bright yellow lips has an assured top show potential. Holds 5-6 buds out of 20
1.00 each

EILEEN (Fawcett2018)
Salmon pink with slightly darker gold flecked throat, 19 buds which have good placement
1.25 each

Seedling of Nikita x Marina 19 - 20 buds of a redish brown colour which has a gold flect throat
1.25 each

GEMMA (Fawcett 2009)
Another excellent show standard prim with a proven show record winning 2nd Day Champion at Harrogate. Reddish orange in colour with gold flecks in the throat. Good bud count with 20 buds on a long flower head
90p each

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