Chiltern Pride (Fawcett 2014)
Salmon pink with a cream throat, 25-26 buds holds 8 open a Pink Elegance x Felicita seedling.
2.00 each
435 M

Chopin (Osseelton 2004)
Pink with cream throat and excellent exhibition potential. Open 8 buds out of 24 with a 24" to 30" flower head
5 for 2.60 - 10 for 3.80 - 20 for 6.90 - 50 for 16.40

CLARE ( Fawcett 2012)
Another prim from Trevor which has the mark of Champion Spike written all over it. Long straight pikes with plenty of buds and stem length. Pink in colour with lavender lips
1.00 each

CORRIE Fawcett2015 Sdl 06-08-251
Purple with a cream throat 20-21 Buds, Daily Mail Gold Vase winner 2014
1.25 each

No expletives can express the success story this variety has had since its release. This very limited offer is for the discerning exhibitor. Cream in colour, 9 buds opening out of 25-26, 30" flower head.
2.00 each

CREAM PERFECTION (K Osselton 2006)
Lovely cream with light ruffling, each flower is formally placed. A real eye catcher. Opens 8 on 24-26 buds with a 32" flower head.
5 for 2.60 - 10 for 3.80 - 20 for 6.90 - 50 for 16.40

CROWN JEWELS (Gruber 2002)
We are pleased to offer this older variety for the first time in the UK although since 2003 have had excellent results on the show bench, but we have had insufficient stock to release any quantity. An excellent show variety, red in colour, opens 8 out of 26 buds in formal placement on a 27" flower head.
1.59 each

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